About Sarah

Sarah's PictureSarah Nguyen, cooking school owner, recipe developer, caterer and menu consultant brings years of experience and a lifelong passion to preparing and sharing the foods she loves. As a teacher, she enjoys the thrust of knowledge and eagerness to learn from her students thus, building a great rapport with them.  And, with her hands-on approach to teaching, demystifies even the most complex cuisines. She believes people learn best by doing.

Since 2004, she has brought her hands-on technique to private clients group cooking classes via her thriving enterprise, Sarah’s Kitchen. As a menu consultant and recipe developer, she has lent her expertise to numerous corporate and private clients.

Sarah has been a guest chef instructor at Fortinos Community Room west end locations, Longo’s Loft in the GTA and west end locations, and LCBO in GTA and west end locations.

As a caterer, Sarah works closely with her clients to create the perfect menu which will gratify any guests and execute it with perfection.

Her tastes range from Asian, eastern Asia, Italian and French cuisines, to the Middle East and middle and South America: cuisines she came to understand and appreciate in her experiments.  With this vast knowledge she is able to modernize these cuisines to her clientele’s need for healthier and easy recipes.

 As a recipe tester and developer, Sarah is always looking for new ways to create, combine and complement the exotic and the familiar. Her low-fat high protein cookie recipe was so good that it was pass along to all her clients and friends to make a quick snack on the go for their kids and love ones.  Sarah believes, when raw ingredients are prepared properly and thoughtfully, there’s no such thing as a boring meal or unfulfilling food.

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