Vegetrian and vegan meals are also available, please inquire at

K – for Kids menu.


Week 1

Tom Yum Soup, Spicy Thai Chicken Stir Fried Mango with seasonal vegetables, chicken and a touch of fresh mint which enhances the all-natural flavors. This dish comes with Jasmine rice.

K – Fried rice with seasonal vegetables, stir fry chicken with seasonal vegetables.


Week 2

Mole Chili, organic Spouted grain parfait with Grilled 4oz herb Chicken Thigh Roasted seasonal vegetables with Sarah’s Kitchen Chipotle sauce

K – Child portion same menu as adult


Week 3

Miso Soup, Teriyaki (homemade sauce) Salmon and a spicy Miso Stir Fry Vegetable served with Jasmine Rice.

K – Sweet Miso stir fry beef with seasonal vegetables and Soba noodles


Week 4

Creamy Roasted leeks and cremini mushroom soup, Pine wheel chicken breast stuffed with roasted leeks, spinach, fresh herbs, and homemade spices, brown rice, blanched seasonal vegetable

K – baked chicken strips with brown rice and sautéed vegetable


Week 5

Sarah’s Kalbi Flank steak strips (made with Sarah’s Kitchen Kalbi Sauce). This meal comes with brown rice, and seasonal sautéed vegetables

K – child portion, same menu as adult


Week 6

Moroccan Stew with Raisin, double smoked bacon and sausage Polenta cake with Sarah’ s Kitchen Jalapeno Coriander sauce and blanched seasonal vegetables
V – Moroccan Stew with Raisin, Vegetable Polenta cake with Sarah’ s Kitchen Jalapeno Coriander sauce and blanched seasonal vegetables
K – Child portion, same menu as adult


Week 7

Apple, Carrots, Cucumber spring onions and fresh herb mix salad, Vietnamese 5 Spices Grilled Chicken served with brown rice vermicelli, mix herbs and mix vegetables, drizzled in homemade fish sauce

K – 3 Grilled Chicken skewers with a side of pasta with a light marinara sauce and seasonal vegetables


Week 8

Purple cabbage slaw, homemade turkey, veal burger topped with avocado, tomato and cucumber, your choices of sauces (Sarah’s Kitchen Jalapeno Coriander, Chipotle sauce or Pesto Paste)

K – Child portion, same as adult menu



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